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        • 产品名称: PC 3-DIMENSION SHEET
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        Product Feature:
        1. Adopt the unique lighting mode with the combination of groove surface and flat surface to get the third dimension which will reduce 30% of direct sunlight penetrating, make the sunlight downier, obtain the effect of beautiful light sensation.
        2. Adopt the combination of strengthening strip and reinforcing rib to increase the strength of sheet for 2-3 times.
        3. The 3-dimension sheet possesses the visual effect of the solid sheet, hollow sheet and corrugated sheet.

        Best feature of the product:transparent, safe,good rigidity, visual effects same as the hollow sheet

        Product Specification:

        Standard width:1.5mm、3.0mm

        Standard width:2100mm


        Color: transparent, green, blue

        Scope of Application:
        Rain tent, daylight roof commercial building, residential building, factory building, warehouse, motor shed, Partitions for swimming pool, greenhouse and indoor chamber.

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