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        Product Introduction
        Ketelong PC hollow sheet is made from German Bayer super polycarbonate material and the high concentration UV coextrusion.When the impact of falling hail is at the speed of 21 m/ s, no any cracks appear. The sheet possesses the features of light in weight, pervious to light, impact resistance, heat isolation, flame retardant, endurance, etc.
        In addition to the above features, Crystal PC hollow sheet is with the effect of “glittering and translucent” making the light penetration downier with better aesthetic visual effect.

        Best feature of the product:UV co-extrusion process for resistance of yellowing, sound insulation, heat preservation, safe and transparent.

        Scope of Application:
        Skylight roof commercial building, residential building,factory building, warehouse, indoor stadium, advertising board, motor shed, partitions for swimming pool,
        greenhouse and indoor chamber, decoration and exhibition.

        Product Specification:

        Standard width: 2100 、1220 ( 4-8mm )

        Standard thickness: 4.0mm、6.0mm、8.0mm、10.0mm、12.0mm、14.0mm、16.0mm ( 4 ~ 10 mm is the rectangular structure with twin wall,
        8 ~ 16 mm is the rectangular structure with triple wall)

        Standard lengt: 6000mm

        Color: transparent, grass green, acid blue, blue, dark

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