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        Introduction to Engineering R&D Center

        Founded in 2008, the Engineering R&D Center is ahigh level and high standard municipal scientific research institute funded for enterprises by Foshan Municipal Governmentand Sanshui District Government. It is a comprehensive R&D institute focusing on the company's new products R&D,formulation optimization, quality system guarantee and raw material quality assurance. Meanwhile, it provides powerful guarantee for the customers with personalized products R&D.

        Our Engineering R &D Center is equipped with formula R&D room, chemical lab, optical lab, physics lab, reference room, training room. Besides, it is currently equipped with PC/PMMA test extruder, twin screws extrusion of PVC tester and other formula R&D testing equipment, it is also equipped with a series of product testing equipments: the computerized universal material testing machine, the falling sphere impact test enginery, freebeamimpacttestenginery, Vi - catthermal deformation tester, cold-resist tester, UV accelerated aging test enginery, light transmittance haze detector, internal stress detector, integrating sphere apparatus, melt index meter, analytical balance, aberration meter, UV coating thickness meter, surface extrusion thickness test

        equipment, etc. It can conduct analysis on physical and mechanical properties, heat distortion performance, coldresistance performance, simulation aging under the
        photo-thermal wet environment, aberration analysis, light transmittance test for transparent products, light transmittance effectiveness, heat insulation performance,internal stress, density test, UV ply testing, surface extrusion thickness test and formula processing performance, raw material chemical testing, etc.


        universal material testing machine UV thickness of dynthetic resin roofing tile test Integrating Sphere (diffusion sheet efficacy test)